Alice is Socially Made in Italy, providing and exhibiting the know-how of traditional Italian craftsmanship through ethical labour practices.

Staying true to the definition of the word in itself, Socially, the production and consulting branch of Alice works in a social manner, with respect to society, by or through society. This platform creates new opportunities, not just for its members, but for all of Italy and beyond.

As a society, we forget that the clothing and accessories that we purchase make an impact globally. They are not just items in our closets. They are a direct result of a series of decisions made by designers, manufacturers and consumers. Each of these tiers hold the power to influence our society for the better.

However, for our purchasing power to make a positive effect, we must first all be aware of our options and the ways in which even small changes can impact society positively on ethical and environmental issues.

As the consulting and production branch of Alice, this is the mission that Socially Made in Italy has given itself. A platform created to connect a diverse group of people, in the scope of creating better opportunities in an ethical manner, while preserving traditional Italian craftsmanship, such as tailoring, leather goods, framework and felt.

Furthermore, Socially can help you create and develop your own laboratories, to inform and educate your staff members, and to also assure quality levels within your production.

Socially allows for you to contribute to sustainable and ethical practices, without taking on the necessary infrastructure required. It also permits for smaller productions at a lesser cost.

Socially in Italy allows you to produce at almost half the price, but with twice the social impact.

Finally, as part of the consulting work offered, Socially can assist in the development of CSR initiatives and educational material, for corporations and institutions.

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