Fashion, has played an important role throughout the ages. In its definition, fashion is taking a piece and adding purpose to an otherwise utilitarian garment. This characteristic helped define what we now call style. In order to get to that meaning, the item needs to be transformed, personalized and given a message to communicate unto others. This transfer of information helps project our identity and personality to the world. Attires become story telling tools. They demonstrate who we are, how we engage with the process and how much we chose to participate with others in this endeavour.

This transformational process is in direct link with culture, as it personalizes it and gives it the characteristics of our individual societies. It allows for sustainability on both fronts. When culture and tradition are not maintained, we weaken the ecosystem created and destabilize our social and economic systems. We must always engage in activities that sustain our culture. These choices will enable a more sustainable society, economy and environment.

Each capsule should be read as a story. Their purpose is to initiate a dialogue between creatives and the Alice community. These collaborations are to share our personal experiences and their link to the legacy that is the Made in Italy label. Using both words and images, we rediscover the meaning behind craftsmanship, quality, knowledge, experience and pride in our work. Each story conserves the excellence behind an Italian production for future generations to learn from and to innovate with. They become the future curators of excellence.

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