“Italia is One” is a project born from the joining of three socially responsible entities that have decided to collaborate in order to make and promote the ethical production of protective masks. This initiative comes as a response to the overwhelming Covid-19 pandemic that has spread across Italy and is now spreading across the globe.

The symbol of the “Italia is One” campaign is a woman intent on sewing illustrated by the New York based artist Rebecca Moses, who has chosen to use the colours of the Italian flag.


United by the desire to help our country and community during this trying time, Cooperativa Alice, Astrolabio and Mending for Good have created a network composed of the best Italian artisans and “social” tailors in order to create the first Made in Italy ethical supply chain.

Civil commitment is an integral part of the vision of any social enterprise. This principle guides our efforts strengthening and is the reason that we have decided to team up, strengthening our productive capabilities and thus becoming partners that our country can rely on.

This initiative is a way for our country and communities to get to know us and see us as socially useful and responsible. That is the very essence behind the definition of the social enterprise.

This incredibly trying historical moment that is being experienced globally is helping embrace, accept and understand the paradigms of social and environmental sustainability that we have been referring to for decades.

Perhaps progress will take on a different appearance than the one we’ve collectively imagined. The future looks to new economic systems based on partnerships and communal business models.

We now, as we always have, want to do our part and cooperate towards the greater good.


Cooperativa Alice was founded in Milan in 1992. We are a nonprofit social cooperative, whose mission is to build an inclusive society, which empowers people and supports sustainable development, through craftsmanship and ethical production.

Our work takes place in the prisons of San Vittore, Bollate, Monza and in our external laboratory open to women that have survived both violence and difficult situations. Alice's vision is to demonstrate how restoring a person’s dignity through work is not only a profitable business model, but also an important social investment.


Astrolabio is a social cooperative founded in Latina on May 7, 1987, by a group of young doctors convinced that an effective response to marginalization could only arise from a systematic and organized collective effort.

The Atelier Acanthus project and the tailoring workshop inside the SPRAR have become the symbol for the emancipation of women refugees that have a strong desire to rebuild their lives through their talent and creativity, moving away from the hard and negative experiences they have previously undergone. This is a big part of what Italy has given them: care, support, work and a future.


Mending for Good, founded by Barbara Guarducci and Saskia Terzani, provides ethical solutions for fashion companies; it seeks to address issues of excess stock and to deliver positive social impact.

Through the repurposing of left-over materials, Mending for Good creates circular solutions whilst supporting artisans from social cooperatives. We help brands adapt to and communicate on the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Her name is “The Gifted Italian Lady” and she is the symbol of the “Italia is One” campaign. She holds a needle and thread, sporting the colours of the Italian flag. She is the creation of New York based artist and illustrator Rebecca Moses.


Rebecca Moses is an international illustrator and stylist who has lived in Italy in the past and often returned there for work and pleasure, having built relationships with important Made in Italy companies over time. Her art is the perfect combination of elegance, fashion and creativity. Her illustrations speak to lifestyle, fashion, trends and more importantly women. Her work is both elegant and refined, yet cheeky and playful. Her illustrations, which have conquered the pages of the most important magazines in the world, have become art exhibitions and have been published in her book “A Life of Style”.

Rebecca Moses lives in New York, but has a special bond with Italy. That's why she chose to be close to our country at this difficult time by supporting the “Italia is One” project.

“I am an Italian citizen and my love for Italy has no bounds”, says Rebecca Moses, the visionary artist loved and appreciated all over the world.

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